About NewLeaf Pet

Our founder, veterinarian Dr. Lisa Mandelin created NewLeaf Pet with one goal in mind: to keep our furry loved ones healthy and smiling!

After decades in practice, Dr. Mandelin has treated and cured thousands of pets. And one of the most important messages that she has to share with owners is this: there ARE viable natural alternatives to chemically engineered drugs and synthetic medications! After years of over-use, many medications are becoming ineffective and can even cause damage to your pet’s health! Natural remedies exist that can solve some very common problems without the damaging side effects.

NewLeaf Pet's mission is to provide those natural solutions. Our all-natural pet products are created to the highest standards using quality raw ingredients.  We manufacture right here in the USA in our GMP-certified facility, and all of our products are 3rd party tested to ensure quality.

We are proud of our contribution to improving the health and wellbeing of pets.  And an added bonus to what we do:  when pets are healthy, their human parents tend to be healthier and live longer too!


More about Dr. Mandelin

Dr. Mandelin has been practicing veterinary medicine for almost a quarter of a century.  Over the course of her successful career she has owned multiple veterinary practices, served as

private consultant to 100's of other practices from California to Florida, and lectured on topics

ranging from pet nutrition to the importance of the human-animal bond. 


During her career she has treated tens of thousands of sick and healthy animals, performed thousands of soft tissue,  abdominal and orthopedic surgeries, and trained and educated 100's of young veterinary professionals across the country.  She is actively involved in pet rescue, community service programs, and a myriad of other veterinary services and experiences.  


Now Dr. Mandelin is sharing her vast experience and knowledge directly with you and your pet.  Her mission, as creator of NewLeaf Pet, is to ensure that we do everything we can to keep that smile on your furry loved one's face!  Yes....they really DO smile!  

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