Dr. Lisa's Fresh Breath pet dentals


Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning

  •  prevent dental disease

  •  reduce the incidence of cardiac endocarditis

  • Prevent bacterial kidney and liver disease your pet's teeth cleaned safely and quickly by our team of experienced dental specialists!   

90% of pets today would benefit from regular Non anesthetic dental cleaning

have you ever forgotten your tooth brush?  What do your teeth feel like after 2 days of not brushing?  well, imagine what your pet feels like.  After 2 days tartar has already begun to accumulate.  in one week a visible layer is present.  after 2 weeks bacteria has set in.  by one month gingivitis has begun.  in 3 months time decay is irreversible.

Don't let this be your pet!  schedule a dental cleaning today.  we offer regular cleanings in your area.  check our "schedule" page and secure a spot for your pet.

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