Calming / Pain Relief
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An advanced and effective blend of organic calming herbs infused with organic hemp oil.  Safe natural relief of pain, stress, anxiety, chewing, fear, thunderstorms, car sickness, separation anxiety, aggressive behavior and more.

Complete Digestive Care
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Complete Digestive Support with prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes.  For natural prevention and treatment of gas, diarrhea, upset stomach, IBD, constipation, and all general GI issues.

Urinary Tract/Kidney

Natural and safe treatment for bladder, urinary and kidney problems.  Recommended for daily use to prevent UTI's and to protect the kidneys and urinary tract.

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Ear Care

Gentle plant-based formula derived from all natural coconut and palm.  Removes dirt and ear wax safely.  No irritating alcohol or sulfates.  Free of MEA, DEA and toxic parabens.

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 We are deep in research developing another amazing product to help keep your pet healthy and happy!  Check back soon!

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